Boldness in Business

The nominees and winners of this year’s awards demonstrate what can be achieved despite global instability. To prosper the companies are coming up with innovative action.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, pioneer of the online age is out to reclaim the internet and give people control of their data.

Not only has Sir Tim invented the world wide web, he is now set to reinvent it.

Our information age has changed our world. Some 4bn people enjoy near instant access to more information than previous generations could ever have imagined. Thirty years ago the web was design to be open, free and accessible. This user friendly interface led to a staggering explosion of communication and creativity.

In more recent years corporate, state and criminal interests have sought to exploit  the web’s openness, disfiguring it with the emergence of surveillance capitalism, electoral manipulation and cyber crime.

Sir Tim describes what has become of his invention as an“engine of inequity and division.” His mission to fix this emerging “anti human” phenomenon has become his priority. The critical question is whether the web’s flaws are a temporary bug that can be fixed or a permanent feature that can, at best, be contained. Sir Tim is convinced there is a technological solution. His purpose is now is to fix the bug and build a more respectful and powerful web that answers to our real human needs.

“Some people say we are turning the web on it’s head. But we like to think we are turning it the right way up.”


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